A Study in Charity Frauds – How to Choose the right Charity

The infographic listed below explains it all.

Donations Scam: Telemarketing Company
Donations Scam: Telemarketing Company “InfoCision” Takes Largest Cut Of Donations. Reference: The Huffington Post By Bonnie Kavoussi

How Donations End Up in the Wrong field – According to Hagen Ruff

Hagen Ruff

Prior to sending your hard-earned finances to a philanthropic group, it is critical that you complete some fundamental due diligence to ascertain that the majority of your donation, really manifests as straightforward benefit to the needy. Frequently, there are a large number of dishonorable fraudsters who dupe well-intentioned benefactors, to line their own pockets.

Mr. Hagen Ruff has been watching a few of the more popular mainstream charities. He has been disillusioned by preposterous administration charges, that steer billions of dollars into the wallets of “solicitors”, which are in most cases nothing more than commission based telesales individuals. Unfortunately, these sales people use a variety of logical falsehoods to appeal to your feelings and direct the proceeds of your good intents into their own wallets, and to the ‘charity’ founders.

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Recommended Charities of Hagen Ruff

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Why World Vision?


For every dollar donated to World Vision, more than a dollar’s worth of help gets to children and their families. Read more …

Why Compassion International?


In 2015, 81.8 % of their donations, went straight to helping children within their programs. This is one of the highest percentages for a child sponsorship organization. Sponsor a child today …

Why Destiny Rescue?


They’ve saved over 1,400 youngsters from slavery and trafficking. Since 2000, Destiny Rescue has also prevented many more from going into the sex-trade by using different obstruction methods, assuring justice for those that have been injured and have raised attention to staggering numbers. Make a contribution or Sponsor a group residence for freed children